We proudly present our satisfied customers and references.

Our references

  • BBI AIRPORT / BERLIN FLUGHAFEN MIG-MAG preparation and installation of the roof construction
  • SMART HAMBACH / France Fittings, electrical installations and setting-up of switch cabinets
  • Vienna / Austria TIG welding of V4a materials, disassembly and installation of constructions
  • ISRAEL Assembly of a modern parking system, entire wiring and cabling including connection
  • BMW Installation of cable lines, electrical installations and maintenance
  • Mercedes Benz Fitting of electrical installations, connection and maintenance
  • Tom Baumarkt Electrical installations, wiring and cabling, setting-up of switch cabinets
  • OBI Neubrandenburg, Husum Electrical installations, wiring and cabling, electrical fittings and connection
  • VW Zwickau Electrical installations, wiring and cabling and connection
  • Berlin Flughafen Installation and repair of cable lines
  • BMW Neubiberg Installations and fittings, wiring and cabling, connection
  • BMW Dingolfing Fitting of air-condition systems and electrical installations
  • England Wantage Installations, wiring and cabling, connection of solar cells